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FARLEYART.COM - Graphic Art & Multimedia design

FarleyArt.com Graphic Art and
                    Multimedia Design Service

FarleyArt.com is a multimedia graphic design studio that creates and designs visual communications material using a wide range of tools, from computer applications to cameras, to design promotional displays, marketing brochures, logos, multimedia, and other graphics products for clients.

I really enjoy my art and I thank the Lord above for the talent he has seen fit to give me. Great care and thought goes into every design that I create. My designs are high-impact, visually striking, and will impress and engage attention from all who see them.

I take a genuine, personal interest in helping my clients develop the best designs for their needs. I create designs for individuals, small business, and non-profit organizations.

Look at the sidebar to see a small list of some of the artwork and services that I provide, and
check out some of my art below to see of some of my graphic designs. Then feel free to give me a buzz, and I'll see what kind of great masterpiece I can create for you.

My Design Services...

Graphic Art
                      By FarleyArt.comConsulting with clients to establish the nature and content of
designs and illustrations for reproduction.

Determining the best medium to produce the desired effect.
Knowing how to tailor the images to the medium in which they
will be reproduced, such as print, projection, or the web.

Developing sketches, photographs and illustrations from start to finish.
Preparing specifications and estimating the cost of materials and the time to complete graphic designs or illustrations.
Communicating clearly and sensitively with clients and colleagues.
Organizing large projects and coordinating with outside vendors.
Committed to producing results above and beyond what's expected.

Portfolio One

Portfolio Two

If you want excellent, top-quality, professional designs for personal or business use, but don't want to spend the money to pay a big-biz graphic design company...
you've found the right place. Contact me if you have any questions or comments

Best Regards, T.P. Farley